• Courses taught by native speaking teachers.
  • A range of courses suitable for all abilities.
  • Morning, afternoon & evening classes.
Our Courses
Course Name Level Details Fee Duration
Foundation Spoken Lev 1 These courses are for students with limited knowledge and very little confidence in English. Students will be expected to make presentations, engage in conversation, and overcome their shyness in speaking English. 4,000 2 months
Gen. Spoken English Lev 2 These courses are for students with some knowledge of English and would like to improve their spoken ability. Students will develop their fluency, their ability to self-correct, and their ability to handle a range of language situations. 4,500 2 months
Pre. Advanced Spoken English Lev 3 These courses are for students who can speak English but want to develop fluency and pronunciation. At these levels it is expected that students will eliminate grammatical and structural mistakes from their spoken English. 5,000 2 months


Our Special Packages

Smart Package Level 1 & 2 8,500 7,000 (With discount)
Smarter Package Level 2 & 3 9,500 8,000 (With discount)
Smartest Package Level 1,2 & 3 13,500 11,000 (With discount)