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Why need an Outsourcing training program?

Outsourcing is an allocation process of specific business to a specialist in external service provider. Most of the times many organization cannot handle their all aspects of a business process internally. Additionally, some working processes are temporary and the organization does not intend to hire in-house professionals to perform that particular tasks.

Bangladeshi people have a great opportunity to earn money by doing Outsourcing or Freelancing related any kinds of work. Because of Bangladesh government forced to their educated people encouraging for doing outsourcing related works. Only based on their commitments is to be making a Digital Bangladesh. That’s why the government is introducing us about different types of Outsourcing Training programs in Bangladesh. That will affect directly on increase the foreign remittance which was ensuring the growth of GDP. This industry is already covering the second largest foreign remittance source after the garments sector. As it will be a great opportunity for learning everything About Outsourcing for buildup your career as a Freelancer, so this article is most important for you.

Are You Looking at Outsourcing Training Center with Affordable Cost in DHAKA?

If you are looking for Outsourcing Training Institute you’ve come to the right place! It’s UTTARA Info Tech, Our institution has been running with the help of the best group of excellent, outstanding and professional knowledgeable teachers. Our intention is to give the students proper guidance and the best training for getting suitable jobs in all kinds of online marketplaces and help to establish them as a perfect and professional freelancer. Our all of teachers, who have the expertise and best experience in the field of online money making process, they provide the students with the required knowledge and techniques for skilled up about outsourcing/Freelancing.

Why you choose UTTARA InfoTech?

              • We have skilled and highly professional IT Experts with many years of working experience.
              • We have mostly dedicated customer support specialist team always assists you.
              • Our latest technology platform can handle all of your business needs.
              • We have followed three steps to check the quality of the work, 1st quality check, Then check perfection of quality and finally checking out by the clients’ feedback, at every stage we recheck our work before delivering our service.
              • Very competitive price for all services.
              • Quick responsible 24/7 support system.
              • We have the best quality control checking experts.
              • We are working for 365 days.

So, if you looking for most processionals Outsourcing Training Services for you. You have come to the right place for this particular service in DHAKA. Go ahead and check out our services for more information!

Basic concept about freelancer

A freelancer or freelance worker is actually a term generally used for a person who is self-employed and is not really essentially dedicated to a specific employer long-term. Freelance workers are often represented by an organization or a temporary company that resells freelance labor to clients; other people do the job independently or use expert associations or websites to get the job.”A freelancer” would be the term used in a larger sign-up of English that designates the tax as well as employment class of this kind of worker, the term freelancing is most well-known in tradition and creative companies and this term particularly motion to participation therein.
Uttara InfoTech is one of the best online freelancing and training centers in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It teaches people to do the job with freelancing organizations and different freelancer websites. Uttara InfoTech has been started since 2011 and our main target is making the students perfect for this job and capable to earn money from working at home. Currently, we have the following training courses on expert in freelancing jobs, bid process jobs, and non-bid process jobs. The training course duration normally ranges from two or three months with classes every three days a week.